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A full-service user experience design studio with a strong focus and passion for user interface design and interactive experiences for web, consumer electronics and mobile.

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Our Work

About Colorsphere

We are an unconventional organization—a small network of established creative professionals ready to take on some of the toughest design challenges. We are dedicated to building awesome interactive experiences with the creation of UI, visual design, HTML, Flash, and design documentation for any platform.

  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Windows 8 Apps
  • Set-top Box Apps
  • Desktop Apps
  • Web/HTML 5 Apps

∴ Design

We help our clients visualize and refine their ideas by creating mood boards, wireframes, workflows, and pixel-perfect visual design mocks that form the basis for their digital product plans.

  • + UI Wireframes
  • + Mood Boards
  • + Concept Designs
  • + Design Mocks
  • + Banner Ads

∴ Documentation

We create beautiful documents that cover every aspect of the design. We build navigatable Style Guides and Design Requirements that specify all aspects of the design.

  • + Sitemaps
  • + User Flows
  • + Style Guides
  • + Design Requirements

∴ Prototype & User Testing

We help our clients see their products come to life with functional prototypes and test them with real people in the real world—and we can build production grade code that can meet W3C & Section 508 compliance.

  • + HTML / Web / Responsive
  • + Flash Simulations
  • + Flash Banner Ads
  • + User Testing


Contact Us

Colorsphere is always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with partners on projects under development, or contribute our expertise to planning creative strategies and defining new ways to implement interactive media. Contact us to discuss new opportunities for collaboration or to learn more about our capabilities.

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Thank you to the brands we've served

  • Blockbuster Video
  • Aol.
  • Univision
  • Yahoo!
  • USDA
  • EIA
  • Time Warner
  • Cisco
  • Ubiquiti
  • Dish Networks
  • BlueCross BlueSheild
  • Sling